My Morning Routine

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My most ideal morning routine has been a few weeks in the making. After testing a few things and picking what gives me my greatest return I think I came up with a morning routine that would set me up for the best day given I had the appropriate time. This is a template that I am currently striving for on a daily basis.

Step 1: Nice Cold Glass of Water

One of the things that I wish I would have kept doing from back when I lost over 110lbs was starting every morning with a tall cold glass of water. I would wake up, walk downstairs at my parents house and get the biggest glass I could and fill that puppy up to the top with cold water. It a did a few things for me. First off it woke up me right away. When I’d drink this cold water I’d feel my insides get a little jolt. It singled to my body both physically and mentally that it was time to wake up fully and start the day.

It also did a few things for my diet. On days where I had a cold glass of water I wasn’t ravenously hungry as I was going through the rest of my morning routine. I found that I ate less for breakfast on those days which left me feeling content without feeling bogged down with the extra food in my system as my day went on. Something that I noticed was that it also curbed some of the sweet cravings that I always have. That’s why I always like starting the day off with a big glass of cold alkaline water.

Step 2: Meditation

Meditation is another practice that I used to participate in back when I was in college. I used it as a way back then to help out with my emotions. Now I use meditation to relax and clean the slate. It is a time of the morning that allows me to look back on what happened, process it and leave it there. I like to end my meditation whether it’s 2 minutes or 10 minutes with setting an intention for the day. That intention can vary. When I first got into intention setting I would sometimes be paralyzied thinking that the intention had to be this big abstract thought for the day. I feel that some days those types of intentions are ok while other days intentions may be more around the lines of “Today I am going to focus on doing something nice for my fiance.”.

Step 3: Breakfast / Coffee and Journaling

Like most people; I need my coffee in the morning. I’ve tried to slow down my intake of coffee but I noticed that I am just not a nice / happy person when I have no coffee at all to start my day. Lately with  my coffee I try and have a breakfast that mainly consists of fats. During this time I like to write on a page of my journal. Each day is different but on most days I usually write down the intention for the day along with some things that I am grateful for. Looking back the things that have come up the most in the past 3 weeks that I am grateful for are; my fiance, my pup and the opportunities that haven’t been reveled yet.

Step 4: Facial Skin Care Routine

I’d like to start off with the fact that for the past 28 years I had no skin care routine to speak of. I can thank the gods that I had good enough skin that I didn’t have to worry about noticeable skin damage during my teen and tweens. But alas here we are, my face was the big red flag that let me know I needed to make a few changes in my life. I had always been interested in trying skin care products and it wasn’t until I got a little nudge from my fiance that I realized a little can go a long way. I started my journey with just a simple cleanser and eye cream. After a couple weeks I started adding in more and more steps; that’s when I started to really notice a difference. Below is what a long form of my morning skin care routine looks like. The exfoliator and face mask only happen about twice a week but the rest is every day and night. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my face. I have gained back some confidence and some pride in how I look. I think ending with my skin care routine is a solid way to end my morning routine, it signifies that I am ready to head out the door and take on the day.

  1. Cleanser – Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser
  2. Exfoliator – Neogen Green Tea Bio-Peel
  3. Serum – SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF
  4. Essence – Cosrx Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence
  5. Eye cream – Origins Ginzing Eye Cream
  6. Face mask – Dr. Jart+ Brightening Solution Face Mask
  7. Moisturizer – Laneige Water Bank Hydrating Gel
  8. Sunscreen – Coola SPF 30


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