My Morning Routine

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My most ideal morning routine has been a few weeks in the making. After testing a few things and picking what gives me my greatest return I think I came up with a morning routine that would set me up for the best day given I had the appropriate time. This is a template that I am currently striving for on a daily basis.

Step 1: Nice Cold Glass of Water

One of the things that I wish I would have kept doing from back when I lost over 110lbs was starting every morning with a tall cold glass of water. I would wake up, walk downstairs at my parents house and get the biggest glass I could and fill that puppy up to the top with cold water. It a did a few things for me. First off it woke up me right away. When I’d drink this cold water I’d feel my insides get a little jolt. It singled to my body both physically and mentally that it was time to wake up fully and start the day.

It also did a few things for my diet. On days where I had a cold glass of water I wasn’t ravenously hungry as I was going through the rest of my morning routine. I found that I ate less for breakfast on those days which left me feeling content without feeling bogged down with the extra food in my system as my day went on. Something that I noticed was that it also curbed some of the sweet cravings that I always have. That’s why I always like starting the day off with a big glass of cold alkaline water.

Step 2: Meditation

Meditation is another practice that I used to participate in back when I was in college. I used it as a way back then to help out with my emotions. Now I use meditation to relax and clean the slate. It is a time of the morning that allows me to look back on what happened, process it and leave it there. I like to end my meditation whether it’s 2 minutes or 10 minutes with setting an intention for the day. That intention can vary. When I first got into intention setting I would sometimes be paralyzied thinking that the intention had to be this big abstract thought for the day. I feel that some days those types of intentions are ok while other days intentions may be more around the lines of “Today I am going to focus on doing something nice for my fiance.”.

Step 3: Breakfast / Coffee and Journaling

Like most people; I need my coffee in the morning. I’ve tried to slow down my intake of coffee but I noticed that I am just not a nice / happy person when I have no coffee at all to start my day. Lately with  my coffee I try and have a breakfast that mainly consists of fats. During this time I like to write on a page of my journal. Each day is different but on most days I usually write down the intention for the day along with some things that I am grateful for. Looking back the things that have come up the most in the past 3 weeks that I am grateful for are; my fiance, my pup and the opportunities that haven’t been reveled yet.

Step 4: Facial Skin Care Routine

I’d like to start off with the fact that for the past 28 years I had no skin care routine to speak of. I can thank the gods that I had good enough skin that I didn’t have to worry about noticeable skin damage during my teen and tweens. But alas here we are, my face was the big red flag that let me know I needed to make a few changes in my life. I had always been interested in trying skin care products and it wasn’t until I got a little nudge from my fiance that I realized a little can go a long way. I started my journey with just a simple cleanser and eye cream. After a couple weeks I started adding in more and more steps; that’s when I started to really notice a difference. Below is what a long form of my morning skin care routine looks like. The exfoliator and face mask only happen about twice a week but the rest is every day and night. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my face. I have gained back some confidence and some pride in how I look. I think ending with my skin care routine is a solid way to end my morning routine, it signifies that I am ready to head out the door and take on the day.

  1. Cleanser – Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser
  2. Exfoliator – Neogen Green Tea Bio-Peel
  3. Serum – SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF
  4. Essence – Cosrx Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence
  5. Eye cream – Origins Ginzing Eye Cream
  6. Face mask – Dr. Jart+ Brightening Solution Face Mask
  7. Moisturizer – Laneige Water Bank Hydrating Gel
  8. Sunscreen – Coola SPF 30


Living My Best Life


Here is to the first step of living my best life. I’d first like to start off by saying that I’ve gotten rid of most of the posts on this blog and want to treat it as a complete fresh start. Let’s start with what I am currently going through and what the blog name stands for and what you can expect from here on out here.

Not many people know but I was recently laid-off; that means that I’ve had some free time to find myself a little bit and retake control of my life in between looking for my next gig. This whole project started when I saw myself in the mirror at the salon where I get my haircut. I couldn’t imagine how tired my face looked and how out of reach my wellness felt. I knew I was happy on a broad scale but at that moment I didn’t think I was treating myself like I should be. So I decided it was time for a change and jump head first into it.

In the recent weeks I’ve done a few things that I’ve always wanted to do but never had the courage to dive into. From here on our you will hear my stories about squatting heavy weights again to adopting a multi-step Korean skin-care routine and everything in between with some nerdiness (recently started playing Magic the Gathering and joined a Dungeons & Dragons group) sprinkled throughout. If you’d like to follow along real time please follow me on my Instagram; Wellness_Nerd. What you can expect here on this blog is a more in-depth look as to how things are going as I wander the world of wellness as a complete novice with some stories of my nerdy adventures.